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INDEX of Topics at Biblical Anthropology

INDEX (Current as of 20 June 2024)

If you are new to this research, it would be helpful to begin by gaining an understanding of the science of Biblical Anthropology: I recommend reding these articles:

Amram's Children
Aaron Was Buried in Edom
The Aaronic Blessing Speaks of the Gospel
Moses' Wives and Brothers

African = Black is a Modern Equation
Africans in Abel Beth Maacah
The Shrine City of Nekhen
Why Nekhen is Anthropologically Significant
The Mega-Nile
Africa is Archaeologically Rich
Sudan is Archaeologically Rich

Peleg: Time of Division
The Joktanite Tribes
The Jebusites Unveiled
Intermarriage Between the Dedanites and the Edomites

Interview with Christopher Ehret
Ethics and Religious Practices of the Afro-Asiatics
Afro-Asiatic Rulers and the Celestial Archetype
Nimrod, an Afro-Asiatic Kingdom Builder
Afro-Asiatic Kingdom Building
The Afro-Asiatic Dominion
The Spread of the Afro-Asiatic Worldview
Afro-Asiatic Symbols that Speak of God

Horticulture in the Ancient World
Olive Oil Production in the Ancient World
Threshing Floors and Solar Symbolism
32,000 Year Flour Processing Plant
Ancient Nubians Used Plants Medicinally
The Judean Palm

The Ainu Mystery
The Annu of On (Iunu)
The Nile-Japan Ainu Connection
Abraham's Ainu Ancestors
Ainu at Genetic Center
A Kindling of Ancient Memory
The Bible and the Question of Race

Akkadian Lexicon

The Amorites: Caste of Royal Scribes
The Amorites: Aryan Canaanites?
The Ar Clans

Ten Objections to Women Priests

Animals of the Bible
Yes! Abraham had Camels
The Animals on Noah's Ark
Noah's Birds
The Ostrich in Biblical Symbolism

The Rooster in Biblical Symbolism
Animal Totems Used to Trace Ancestry
Dogs in the Bible
The Serpent on Moses's Staff
The Lion and Judah
The Fatted Calf
The Red Heifer


What Fugitives Faced in the Cities of Refuge

Axial Age
Understanding the Axial Age

Which Bethlehem was Jesus' Birthplace?
The Ark Rested in Bethlehem
Bethlehem in the Time of Abraham
Who Was Boaz?
Who Were the Wise Men?
Horite Expectation and the Star of Bethlehem
Middle Bronze Age Tomb Found in Bethlehem

Biblical Anthropology
Understanding the Science of Biblical Anthropology
Dismantling Outdated Interpretations
Biblical Anthropology is the Work of Christians
What is Biblical Anthropology?
An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Biblical Anthropology, the Science, Not Speculative Theology
Biblical Anthropology and the Question of Common Ancestry
Biblical Anthropology is Science
Is Biblical Anthropology an Oxymoron?
Biblical Anthropologists Discuss Darwin
The Bible and Anthropological Investigation
What Does a Biblical Anthropologist Do?
Biblical Anthropology and Antecedents
Derrida and Biblical Anthropology
Charles Kraft on Why Few Christians Are Cultural Anthropologists
Dean Arnold on Christian Anthropologists

Biblical Names


Abraham's Two Concubines

Comparing Cosmologies to Trace Origins
The Cosmology of Abraham's People
Biblical Cosmology and Ethics
A Flat Earth and the Biblical Evidence
The Pillars of the Earth

The Age of the Earth and the Evidence of Human Occupation
Conversation on Creationism About False Choices
Evidence of an Old Earth - Part 1
Evidence of an Old Earth - Part 2
Artifacts of Great Antiquity

Hanged on a Tree

David's Bloodline
David's Royal City
The Ethnicity of Abraham and David
David's Zion Found

Gathered to His people
The Bosom of Abraham
Sheol and the Second Death
On Blood and the Impulse to Immortality
Heart Scarabs
The Question of Immortality
Righteous Rulers and the Resurrection

The Judges Samuel, Deborah and Huldah
Deborah the Warrior Bee
The Precedent for Women Rulers in Ancient Egypt

Debt relief
Debt Release

Intermarriage Between the Dedanites and the Edomites
The Afro-Arabian Dedanites
Who Were the Dedanites?

Derrida, Jacques
Derrida and Biblical Anthropology
Levi-Strauss and Derrida on Binary Oppositions

How the Deuteronomist Changes the Genesis Narrative
Afro-Asiatic Influences on the Deuteronomist Historian
Fundamentalism and Syncretism in Hebrew History
The Reconceptualization of Kingship in Deuteronomy

DNA Studies
Haplogroups of Interest to Biblical Anthropologists
Haplogroup R1b (Y-DNA)
Tut's Father Married His Cousin
Ethiopian DNA Study Ignores Significant Data
Ashkenazi Represent Judeo-Khazar Admixture
A Kindling of Ancient Memory
Abraham: Descendant of Both Shem and Ham
Migrations Out of Africa
Denisovan Populations
Denisovan Finds Create a Stir
Genetic Risks in Cousin Marriage
Genetic Adam Never Knew Genetic Eve
DNA Research Confirms Kushite Migration
DNA Confirms Mixed Ancestry of Jews
Mitochondrial Eve
Genesis and Genetics
Sub-Saharan DNA of Modern Jews
DNA Research Confirms Kushite Migration
Overview of Human Origins
A Flawed Paradigm
Is Scientific Dating of Fossils Reliable?
Genesis on Human Origins
The Making of Man
Genesis: Is It Really About Human Origins?
Q and A on Creation vs Evolution
Genesis and Genetics
Hunter-Gatherer Study Inconclusive
Ethiopian DNA Study Ignores Significant Data
A Kindling of Ancient Memory
Abraham: Descendant of Both Shem and Ham
Migrations Out of Africa
80,000 Year African Ancestor of Chinese Men

Earth Science
Walking Rocks
Pillars of the Earth
Geologic Studies Confirm Biblical Data

Who Was Eber?
Noah's Sons and Their Descendants

Ecclesiasticus (Wisdom of Ben Sirach)
The Chiastic Center of Ecclesiasticus
The Wisdom of Jesus Ben Sirach

Parsing Genesis 36
Midianite Potters in Edom
Chiefs of Edom
Aaron Was Buried in Edom
Edom and Copper
Edo, Edom, Idumea
Edom and the Horites
The Edomites and the Color Red
Ancient Seats of Wisdom
Two Named Esau

High God

Horns/Horned Altar

Herod the Great
Are Rabbinic Interpretations of the Bible Accurate?
Did Jews Live in Dynastic Egypt?
Challenge to Shaye Cohen's Portrayal of Abraham as the First Jew
Member of Israel's Parliament Destroys Bible
Rabbi Hirsch on the Nations
The Talmud on the Virgin Mary
Talmudic Legend vs Biblical History

The Scatter-Gather Motif in Judges

Hazor's Destruction: Another Theory

Judaism is Not the Faith of Abraham
The Social Structure of the Biblical Hebrew (Part 1 - Introduction)
The Social Structure of the Biblical Hebrew (Part 2 - Descent)
The Social Structure of the Biblical Hebrew (Part 3 - Inheritance)
The Social Structure of the Biblical Hebrew (Part 4 - Right to Rule)
The Social Structure of the Biblical Hebrew (Part 5 - Residence)
The Social Structure of the Biblical Hebrew (Part 6 - Governance)
Denying Marriage: A cunning royal strategy


Law, Law Codes, Law Enforcement

Midrash in Genesis

The Migration of Abraham's Ancestors
DNA Research Confirms Kushite Migration
Does Genesis 10 Describe the Ainu Dispersion?

Miners Venerated Hathor
V. Kassianidou; A.B. Knapp, Archaeometallurgy in the Mediterranean: The Social Context of Mining, Technology and Trade
Copper and Iron

Mount Nebo was a Horite Hebrew Shrine
The Sign of Mount Moriah
What Abraham Discovered on Mount Moriah
Sacred Mountains and Pillars

Moses the Horite Hebrew Priest
Moses and the "Kushite" Bride
Moses's Horite Family
Moses's Wives and Brothers
The Serpent of Moses's Staff
A Bridegroom of Blood
Mosaic Authorship?
Moses and Abraham: Different Origins of Israel?

Were the Tarim Mummies Afro-Eurasians?
Why Nekhen is Anthropologically Significant

Lyre Music from 1400 BC

The Christ in Nilotic Mythology
Eliade Was Right About Celestial Archetypes
The Mythological Core of Christianity
Tehut's Victory Over Tehom
Heaven or Heavens: Does It Matter?

Are the Names Nahor and Nehesi Related?


The Priests of Nazareth
Jesus of Nazareth, Son of David
Jesus' Home in Nazareth?



Trinitarian Correspondences Between Mesopotamia and the Nile
The Substance of Abraham's Faith

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