Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Biblical Anthropology the science...not speculative theology

Alice C. Linsley

What follows is a portion of a conversation I had recently with a friend on Facebook.

Bill: Didn't know if you had seen this book yet, but I know you love Christian Anthropology,

Alice: I haven't read the book, but I believe the author is using the term "anthropology" in a theological sense. My work is a science that draws on anthropologically significant data in the Bible to construct a more accurate picture of Abraham's ancestors and the antecedents of Messianic hope/expectation.

Bill: Okay. What types of data are antecedents to Messianic hope/expectation?

Alice: Burial practices, archaic solar imagery, cattle and horns, divine appointment of archaic rulers, the marriage and ascendancy pattern of the Horite Hebrew (Habiru), the relationship of the diverse biblical populations, etc. These have been explored through years of extensive research which I have published at various sites. This article on The Sun and the Sacred is an example. To pursue further, read the articles under "related reading" at the bottom of the post.

Bill: Ugh,'s getting deep in here. I better put on my water wings! Thanks Alice Linsley, I'll read this!

Alice: You will find this scientific approach to be much less speculative than the approach of "theological" anthropology.

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