Friday, April 19, 2019

Mongolian Lexicon

Alice C. Linsley

This short list of Mongolian words will be helpful to Biblical Anthropologists seeking linguistic connections between the Central Asian populations and biblical populations. It is best used alongside the Hungarian Lexicon, the Ancient Egyptian Lexicon, and the Akkadian Lexicon.

achor - towel
ado - horse herd
aduu - horse
agui - cave
airag - mare's milk
alchaã - shelter, hut, booth
altan - golden
amche - physician
anda - blood brother ritual
arag - wine

baatar - hero
barimal - statue made by hand
bö - shaman
boroo - rain
buqa - stud bull
bürged - eagle
cağalmay - cross-wise
chono - wolf
chuluun - stone

dörbeljin üsüg - Mongolian square or quadratic script

gal - fire
gerel - light
ger - home, tent (ghar - home in Urdu/Hindi)
gobi - desert
gol - river
golomt - hearth

halkhazug - gown
Hor - the Tibetan word for the Mongols
hün - adult male, man
hünij - human being

ild - Mongolian scimitar, sabre
ikh - great

khöndii - valley, large gorge
khoomii - diphonic throat song in which the singer produces 2 separate lines simultaneously
kurultai - a political or military council (khur - to assemble, to discuss)

magtaal - ode
mergen - wise
mogoi - snake
mod - tree
möngön - silver
mori - horse
mörön - large river

naranu gerel - sunlight
nar/naran - the Sun
nokhoi - dog
nökhör - comrade at arms

obok - clan (cf. the Japanese word oba, for clan chief. The first ruler of Petra was called Obodas.)
od - star
ödör - day
ols - rope
ordo - the central tent of a leader, a seat of honor
ovoo - sacred stone heap (Variants: oboo and obo)

qačar - cheek
quduã - water well
qut - divine power, power from on high, given to a ruler or a shaman

salhi - wind
sar - the Moon
shuvuu - bird
sogchas - Mongolian dress
sogjil - ear ring
sog-zha - Mongolian hat
šönö - night

takhilch - preserver of Tradition, caretaker
temegen - camel
temur - iron
terigün - head
tenger - sky
Tengri - High God (Tien or Tian in Chinese.)
tomu - plait, twist, braid
tomuya - twisted horse headdress
tsas - snow
tsus - blood
tuãul - calf

üker - cattle, cow, bull, ox,
umusu - socks
ünijen - milk cow
us/usny - water
uul - mountain

yajar - place
yer - Earth

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