Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Proto-Saharan Maa Civilization

Dr. Clyde Winters
Here is Dr. Clyde Winters' video on the Proto-Saharan Maa civilization. The images and information are fascinating!

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  1. Ma(a) mother/mound/milk/mammary
    the root is Mbua or Mbo(tribe with most ancient H.sapien YDNA) of !XyaMbuatlaya keyword=Sky(p/w/m)ater/Jambo!=Caribu!/Jambalaya=Gumbo=GuPotLatx/Yam/(Yamsing(Cantonese: drinkup) therefore the alternative form of Ma is Ebu (Flores: ancestor, Bajau: ancestor) or Igbo/Ibo/Ibu(Malay: mother), boob/droop/drupe cf fig mulemba, lembu(Malay: cow), zebu (Indic cattle), ijebu/Jebus/Egypt/Djibouti(cattle raisers)

    I'd like to know why Clive names proto-pygmies "Anu", which refers to annual/Janus/anus/annular ring/jahre(German: year)~gear/gyre/ear(th)/jar/pahar(Sumerian: potter)

  2. "The Anu ruled the world before the great flood. The Anu were the pygmy people. The great flood left many Anu (pygymy) populations isolated around the world." Dr. Clyde Ahmad Winters at;f=8;t=006973

    But see this for clarification on "Anu":

    I don't think "Anu" describes a people. I think it refers to a quantity, eg. Uno, Eine, One, including the items counted, such as fingers, pillars, etc.

  3. I should note that "Ma(a)" may relate to (Malay) fishing: mancing (pronounced manching) which may have derived from matting/netting of fish, rather than of hooking or spearing fish. The word 'mat' is probably from hand-weaving of hut walls of wicker with infill of reeds, weeds, manure, batting, wattle, netting; originally from woven dome huts (mongolu/Mbuti, bungalow/India, igloo/Eskimo) of mongongo leaf shingles.


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