Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Proto-Saharan Pottery Marks

From archaeological excavations done across the ancient Afro-Asiatic Dominion, it is clear that there existed a form of writing during the Neolithic period based upon the Thinite script of the Nilo-Saharans (5000-3000 BC). This system of writing consisted of marks made on pottery and the symbols are rather uniform from the Nile to Southern India.

Perhaps the world's oldest known from of writing, the pottery marks have been termed of what some "Proto Saharan" but they also could be termed "Old Nubian." 


  1. does the horite bloodline still exist among us today? if so, what name do they go by and where are they located? thank you alice

  2. There are Horites among the Jews (though not Gentile converts to Judaism) and among the Arabs of the Arabian Peninsula. See this:

  3. are there any among african americans

    1. Yes. The ruler-priest gene is found among some African Americans.

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  5. You are welcome to believe that Jesus married, but that is not the tradition received from the Apostles and others who knew Him. Jesus knew who He was and that a central part of His mission was to die and rise again in fulfillment of the expectation of the Righteous Ruler. Men facing violent death do not take on the responsibility of a wife and children. As a Horite, He adhered to the pattern of this Horim. His two wives are the faithful before His Incarnation who trusted in His appearing, and the faithful after His incarnation who trusted that He was the Promised Messiah. The latter is called the Church.


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