Sunday, July 5, 2015

Y-Chromosome Profile of 64% of European Men

About 64% of modern European men (that 2 out of 3) are descended from just three Bronze Age males. That is the finding of a research team from the University of Leicester that looked at the DNA sequences of 334 men from 17 European and Middle Eastern populations.

Professor Mark Jobling from the Department of Genetics at Leicester University said: “The population expansion falls within the Bronze Age, which involved changes in burial practices, the spread of horse-riding and developments in weaponry.

"Dominant males linked with these cultures could be responsible for the Y chromosome patterns we see today."

Read the report here.

The question that needs to be addressed is: Did these three males produced an enormous number of children or does this research confirm the existence of a 3-clan patrilineal confederation which practiced endogamy? If the latter, this is confirmation of the kinship pattern of Abraham's ancestors in the R1b group.

Some who read this article will immediately think of the 3 sons of Noah. However, Shem, Ham and Japheth represent one of many 3-clan confederations mentioned in the Bible. They were Nilo-Saharans, not Europeans. The lines of Ham and Shem intermarried. The Hungarians claim to be descended from Japheth, which is likely since they call themselves "Magyar" and there are Magyar living along the Nile. Noah's three sons lived about B.C. 2438-2275. We cannot identify them as the three Bronze Age chiefs in the report, however, as there were many such confederations between 3200–600 BC in Europe.

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