Thursday, August 9, 2012

Jesus' Horite Lineage

Alice C. Linsley

After 35 years of “anthropological sleuthing of pre-Abrahamic origins” I have come to conclusions which are not well understood and rightly questioned. Readers should pursue the truth of this research because it will strengthen you spiritually and intellectually, and equip you for the work of Christian apologetics and evangelism.

That said, I have yet to be proven wrong in my assertions that Abraham's ancestors were rulers who came out of Africa and that they were devotees of a faith that finds fulfillment in Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

The concern most often expressed has to do with Abraham’s Horite caste and the Horite antecedents of Messianic expectation and Christianity. In a recent online conversation with a Messianic Jew I was asked:


Why are you so persuaded by the theory that a priest class of devotees to Horus are the predecessors of Israel’s religion? You do know this belief of yours about history is not shared by many other people and has nothing to do with Judaism or Christianity, right? You seem like a great thinker and an articulate person.

Read it all here.

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