Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Trekking the Abraham Trail

Genesis describes Abraham's long journey from Haran to Horite territory in Canaan (Genesis 12:5). Soon pilgrims will be able to hike the 750-mile long trail linking Turkey, Syria, Jordan, the West Bank and Israel to retrace Abraham's path.

The Abraham trail begins in Haran and passes through the city of Gaziantep. It meanders southward, crossing the border into Syria and continues to Aleppo. The trail then moves south through Damascus before crossing the Jordanian border to the city of Amman. It then crosses over to Jericho in the Palestinian Authority, and then to the ancient cities of Nablus, Jerusalem and Hebron, where Abraham and Sarah were buried. From Nablus, one can travel to Shechem where Abraham consulted the Moreh at the great Oak (Gen. 12:6-8).

William Ury, of Harvard University, has said: "The route is already there. We are only removing the dust from the footsteps of Abraham."

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