Monday, October 4, 2010

DNA Research Confirms Kushite Migration

The book of Genesis indicates that Kushites moved out of the Upper Nile area into Eurasia where they established territories. Kushite rulers, such as Nimrod, and their priests spread a common worldview from ancient Kush/Nubia to southern India and beyond.  This vast Kushite/Sudanese (Sudra) sphere of influence is called the Afro-Asiatic Dominion.

Here is the DNA research which verifies the biblical record:

Archaeogenetics is the use of genetics, archaeology and linguistics to explain and discuss the origin and spread of homo sapien sapiens (Renfrew, 2010). In this paper we will use archaeogenetics to examine and discuss the spread of haplogroup R-M173 by the ancient Kushites.

Researchers have outlined two possible out of Africa events in the past 40 ky. Although these out of Africa events occurred during prehistory the Classical writers of Greece and Rome discussed a recent migration of people from Africa into Eurasia. This African population was called: Kushites

A review of the archaeological, linguistic, genomic and craniometric literature was used to explore the role of the Kushites in the spread of haplogroup R from Africa to Eurasia. In this analysis of the linguistic, craniometric, and related scientific literatures we will determine if archaeological and genomic evidence can trace a migration event and dispersal of Kushites into Eurasia as maintained by the Classical writers. This study was conducted in Chicago at the Uthman dan Fodio Institute

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  1. Thank you for clearing up a mystery!Some people are saying that Abraham was a Cushite. Any comments?

  2. The term "Kushite" refers to ethnicity, not race. Abraham was ethnically Kushite in the sense that he was a descendant of the Kushite kingdom builder Nimrod. Nimrod was a son of Kush/Cush (Gen. 10:8). Kush is also a place name and refer to the Upper Nile Valley. It is described as rich in gold, bdellium, and onyx in Genesis 2. This has been confirmed by the geological record and by botanical studies.

  3. In the Bible Abraham is called "Hebrew" which comes from the ancient Akkadian word "Abru." Abru refers to a priest or priest caste. Abraham belong to the priest caste dedicated to God Father (Ra/Ani) and God Son (Horus/Enki). The caste is called Horite Hebrew. Some Horite Hebrew rulers are listed in Genesis 36. Moses was a descendant of Seir the Horite.


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